Here is what some of our customers have said about our Traps:

My trap arrived a couple of days ago. My “Black Fox” trap (which I have had a few years) has worked so well and been so durable, that I decided to also get a “Squirrel Master” trap. It is so nice to buy high quality American made products; they are like a work of art. I recommend your traps to people every time the subject turns to getting rid of pests.

Thank you

Mike Hudson – Muscadine Grape and Pecan Breeding Program Research Tech . III  Horticulture Dept. University Of Georgia Coastal Plain Experiment Station, Tifton Georgia   Just to let ya`ll know . The traps are working very well for the past month . Have caught as many as 3 grey squirrels at one time . Most of the time it`s only one . They tend to scare away any others that want to enter after 1 is caught. That’s ok 1 caught is 1 less damaging the crops. Thanks !

Mark  I’m just writing to thank you for producing these traps. I must say, I was stunned when I returned the next morning after setting 2 traps the day before. I had a total of 9 squirrels, 5 in one & 4 in the other.  It went like that for about a week until we thinned them out.  We had so many the hawks couldn’t keep up but this traps kicked ass. We are in Nor Cal & Manage 1000 acres of vineyard 7hose damn squirrels dig down and eat the root system.  Thanks again, great idea !.

Susan Wilber  Thank you…..I’m sending a check today. Can’t wait to try the new design. 7 years and I am still using your traps.

JT “btw, your traps were recommended by my friend, (name removed) of Fentress, TX. He said that they don’t fail.”

Shelley I’m excited to set up the trap. I’ve been using a squirrelinator but they have learned how to get out.

Art 6 more ground squirrels yesterday in same spot in the barn, total of 13 in two days. Working great.  Thank you

Fred Long  Wow! Received my trap a couple of days ago. Set it up and baited it with birdseed with sunflower seeds. That evening the ground squirrels were all over it. They tried digging under it around it even tried to turn it over. My first day zero squirrels? That night I had a brainstorm. Lead them to the door. DHA!! The next day the trapping Gods smiled on me and haven’t stopped. Thank you very much. I have been tearing out my hair trying to get rid of these critters. They were damaging my property and home. I can finally see an end to my problem. Thank You
David Coble General Manager OSO GRANDE KNIFE & TOOL CO. www.osograndeknives.com
We just bought 2 of your Black Fox Squirrel Traps yesterday from CATT Farm and Ranch Supply in Ramona, CA. We set them up and have already caught three CA ground squirrels. We love it! Previously our squirrel eradication program was shooting (so far 146 this season) but we have some at hard to get areas and that is where we placed the traps, to get these varmints that we could not shoot and to keep them from destroying our garden.     Thank you and have a sharp day!
Joe, Wildlife Control Service Here are the pictures that I said I would send.  I think you’ll be amazed at how well your traps work. 

Glad to do business with you.

Joe Lorenz

Photograph used with permission of Wildlife Control Services, Inc.

Laurie – Washington State – I got your name from some friends who bought one of your traps last year and are so pleased with it. They took care of their ground squirrel problem in a couple weeks of trapping last summer, (We have the bigger squirrels here) and no fighting them this year at all. So we’re ready for the trap! We have just had an explosion of them on our property this year for some reason. Thanks for getting that shipped off so fast too.

Dave Unpacked one of the pair of 1×1 squirrel traps last night.  Read the simple instructions this morning.  Staked it out this afternoon where the squirrels are eating the inner bark off my favorite trees down by the mailbox at the road and sprinkled a few walnut pieces in it. I used the stakes because I did not want the pretty resourceful critters to simply push the trap off the bait. Walked down this evening to hang it on a nearby tree for the night, but I was delayed by a first trapped squirrel. All I can say is WOW!  I’m sure the trap still had the new car smell, but the critter thought only of an easy meal. Your trap is hanging on a j hook on a low branch waiting to go back to work tomorrow morning. Thank you.  Just had to tell you.

Jim Wow, what an effective trap.  Even though I didn’t do the pre-baiting you recommend, I started catching one or two ground squirrels per day almost immediately.  Just used dog kibble.  A week or so later it trapped 8 in one day.  Fewer now, but that’s because there are fewer squirrels around.  Very simple to use.  Thanks for making such a great product!

Seth   It’s only been a little over a week since I’ve been using your trap and here’s a picture of number #17 and #18. I used sunflower seeds, popcorn, potato chips, and chicken feed to catch these ground squirrels. I can’t thank you enough for solving my ground squirrel problems! 


Leslie S,  Oregon  “I can’t find a testimonal page so thought I would use this way. I bought your Black Fox Squirrel trap after fighting my squirrel population and distruction for 8 years. We have less than an acre and have a sand filter septic tank which they seem to want to dig into. I was also having a serious gopher problem and have been fighting them as well. I had tried to get rid of the gophers and squirrels for years and seemed to be losing the battle after much trial and error and alot of money spent. I came across the Gopher Goner site and decided to try it one more time. I also ask them if they knew of any way to get rid of squirrels and they recommended you. Well I am amazed!!! I have caught 22 squirrels in like 2 weeks! I am utterly amazed! It is so easy as well. In talking with the store that I bought it from he says they have 100% success rate. He was telling me of a fellow that had caught 320 squirrels in one season! Just wanted to thank you for making such a simple easy to use trap. My husband is out every morning looking for more squirrels! We have a competition going between us. We are tie…. Squirrels 22, mole 1, and he has 22 squirrels. His was alot easier to catch then mine. Also what seems to work is finding their tunnels, and putting the trap on a piece of plywood and throwing some dirt or bark on it to kind of disquise it. You don’t have to cover it completely and put down parrot food, they love it and I make sure to place a tasty peanut in the middle of the cage so they have to go in and get it. I just throw some see around the trap and inside as well. Works like a charm. You are welcome to use this as a testimonal to your traps and edit it if you need to. I just had to say how glad I am that I found your trap and just didn’t give up and let the squirrels and gophers win. If anyone needs to know if this is a real testimonial you can give them my e-mail address for verification” 

SD Redlands CA  “I really appreciate your fast turn around on shipping out the second trap after the first one arrived damaged. Also, what a great product! The first day I put it out I caught  only one squirrel. I thought to myself “OK maybe not much better than the  little trap I already have”. However the next day, a whole different story, I found the trap with eight squirrels and I have been catching on average five squirrels a day.”

Thomas, Felton CA   “Just wanted to say the the Black fox Ground squirrel trap has proven to be the best ever for my clients with squirrel problems. Most are farmers, organic and otherwise. I have heard reports of as many as 28 squirrels in one trap in one day. Only problem is when the trap is left out overnight and then catches skunks. Otherwise thank you for a great product and alternative to poisons.”  [Gophers Limited – – http://www.gopherslimited.com/]

Martha   “My grandson has been here since late Sunday evening, and we set traps out late, then started gathering the next day. So far (Thursday) he has caught 54 ground squirrels. I have told SO many people about your traps. A friend of mine bought one in Eagle Point yesterday, and has caught 4. They are thrilled. Thanks again for your great trap.”

Stan, “Thank you very much for the traps. I received them yesterday. Today “The Trapping Gods smile on me and fill my traps”. This is working awesome.”

Martha, “Oh, yeah, those trapping gods are just giggling at how well those traps work!  You are the MASTER trap maker!!  I have used the traps for probably only 14 days, due to travel interruptions, and still have caught over 70 of the pesky digger squirrels.  Even as we speak, there are diggers going in to the traps.  The difference to my garden and yard is phenomenal.  Thank you SO much.”

Joanne, “We’re having great success with the squirrel traps!  With the first twelve we purchased, we have trapped nearly 100 squirrels in our first week!    With 2000 acres to cover, we’re looking forward to receiving the 24 additional traps that we ordered!”

Carolyn, “We have caught 156 ground squirrels in 2 traps since we got the first one about 6 weeks ago. We have caught 50 squirrels in the past five days! They swarm around the traps. We use a mixture of parrot food and sweet feed as bait.”

Stan, Lakeport CA  “Bought 4 traps recently and I have caught 206 squirrels in less than 2 weeks. Great trap THANKS”

Rick, “Bought a Black Box trap from Hawes like you advised. Was treated GREAT by the people at hawes and have been catching the heck out of Ground Squirrels ever since. Average two to three a day. Thank you for your product. It is worth every penny!”

Phil,  “You guys deserve to become millionaires! I have had what I thought was good success with Havaharts, but always had to worry about whether they were “occupied” or defeated. I Set the Black Fox out for the first time today. Had 7 by noon, was amazed. Emptied trap and reset, have at least 13 more this evening!! (Hard to tell exactly; they’re stacked) But at least 20 ground squirrels in one day??!! Unbelievable. My Havahart caught 3 in the same time with 2 misfires. You guys are my heroes! Phil”

Gery, Mountain View Feed & Seed Co. — “This is the best trap for squirrels. We have an almond orchard. Two years ago 1/4 of the orchard had no nuts to harvest. So we start using the squirrel traps, and used it as per their recommendation. We used a parrot mix, which works best. This year we harvested the full orchard and got rid of all the squirrels. We also farm a river ranch with a lot of squirrels. In total we caught over 1000 squirrels.”

Steve, from Dixon, CA Thanks….Received traps today about 1:00pm and immediately put them out.  I think I  might have set a new record for single trap catch…14…..and two day total over the weekend of 48…..That makes 161 squirrels since July 5th and still catching them!!!!! 

Dave, Edwards Ranch“Hey Thanks for the traps. It is great to find something that works. No poisons so no need to worry about other animals. Everyday I get to empty both traps so this should help a lot.”  

Tom, Nino Real Estate — “Your traps are the best and very different from any other I have tried. Poison traps I used in the past, succeeded in killing 2 horses and a dog. In addition, I constantly worried about my 3 small boys getting into the bait. I have also used single action squirrel traps that are fine for catching one at a time but are useless when there are thousands to deal with. However, with your traps my brothers and I caught over 2000 squirrels without the dangers of poison. Congratulations on building a better mousetrap!”

Andrea, from Red Bluff — “We had been having an ongoing problem in our barn from one lone ground squirrel who was determined to eat his way through all of my Rubbermaid garbage cans to get to my horses grain inside. He ate holes in most of the tops of the lids and one time it only took him less than an hour to eat his way through. After having to get rid of the grain inside several times, I put one of your great traps out and within the day I had caught him!! Your trap has saved me lots of money and is VERY effective!”

Dennis, from Walnut Creek“Yes, your traps have proven to be the most effective of all the methods I have tried. . . .  I have only trapped between 150 and 200.  The reason I need so many traps (this order will make 15) is that they are doing damage in a lot of different areas, i.e. building and tank foundations, power shorting, electrical wire damage, jeopardizing stock pond dam integrity, and damaging renter hay storage.”

Robert, from Artois  — “Since buying the trap last year I have caught 29 squirrels . . . I have caught a few rats , they are allot harder to catch . . . this year I`am using the trap in the barns of  some of my customers . . . .”

Jani, a retired school teacher from Red Bluff writes — “I answered an ad about Black Fox ground squirrel traps in  early summer of 2001. I started with one  and eventually bought five of the screen traps and caught 119 squirrels in less than six weeks . . . .”

La Verne, from Red Bluff — They work great. I have two traps and I got 475 squirrels last year . . .  At times I will have 4 or 5 squirrels in one trap.  . . . Anyone with squirrel troubles should get one or two of them. They really work.

Ford-Hall Ranch,  Sanger, CA  — “Since receiving your traps two weeks ago I have already captured over 150 squirrels – – they really work”

Jim, from Montague, CA“Had a friend pick up the trap on Thursday, caught several squirrels already … Saturday.”

8 squirrels in 3 hours

…this trap has only 4 in it, but I have had as many as 8 in one setting……

Ford-Hall Ranch,  Sanger, CA

13 Squirrels in 7 hours