About the Trap Maker

How we got started.

The Black Fox got started in the summer of 2001, when thanks to my Mom for asking me to “do something about” the squirrels that were dinning on chicken scratch and eggs in the old hen house.  Being a trapper for the past 42 years, and of course wanting to keep my mom happy, I just built a trap — “A very big one.”   It was made out of some old wire pens left over from the days of my fox raising. The trap was 4 ft W X 6ft.L X 4ft.H with a long funnel tunnel with no drop door. The way it works is the tunnel ran 2-½ ft. in, almost to the center. The squirrels would travel down the open tunnel to the center. After filling their cheeks with the parrot feed (used as the bait) they would try getting out by going to the corners or the sides and would never think of going to the center and back down the tunnel to escape. Well this worked quite well.

Shortly after I made the trap our local CDF Fire Department came by and seeing how well the trap was working said they could use one if it was smaller. So I made a smaller 24” X 24” X 6” trap for them. Some of the wire was rusty, from the previous use of raising foxes, so my son Seth and I painted the traps black. Seth taking note of the black “paint job” came up with the name:   “ The Black Fox.”

As of this writing the most squirrels caught at one time is 13 in a 3-hour time period. The highest number of total squirrels caught, by a retired school teacher — using 4 traps, is 116 squirrels in 6 weeks.

The Trap Maker