The Garden Master Trap



The Garden Master trap is 24X16X4 inches 14 Ga. Welded Galvanized, Cage-Quality in 1×1 wire mesh and two way doors. One door is at the end of the trap on the side, while the other door is on the top in the opposing corner. There is an 6X8 inch easy access door on top for release or removal. This trap was designed for the smaller scale trapping. While not as big as the other traps it will fit in most Waste Disposal Receptacles (trash cans) for easy drowning. With the other door being on top you will have a chance of stopping any diggers you may encounter. The chain handles have been moved to the end for easy lifting.

Trap may not catch the smaller species of squirrels such as the 13 Lined Ground Squirrels (which are similar in size to a chipmunk or smaller sized rat).


1.      Allows multiple catches without resetting

2.      Easy to release non-target animals

3.      Safe around children, pets, horses, and livestock

4.      No poisons or harmful chemicals to handle

5.      Easy to bait and remove target rodents

6.      No moving parts to wear out or break

7.      Works in any kinds of weather

8.      14 Ga. Welded Galvanized, Cage-Quality.

9.      Easily cleaned and maintained

10.    Will fit in most Trash Cans for convenient drowning

New law in California – AB789   “It is illegal to drown a squirrel”

Additional information

Weight 28.0 lbs
Dimensions 25.0 x 25.0 x 5.0 in


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